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Case Study: Jessica Mauboy

Early on a Friday morning I received a call from Queensland based marketing company who were in urgent need of a photographer to document a live performance of a celebrity and a few special guests that evening.


Upon arrival I discovered that the venue was a recording studio, which doubles as a performance venue and that the event was a private performance by Jessica Mauboy for some winners of a promotional competiton. The conditions were going to be tough because even though the ceilings were low, they were brass/copper coloured and the room was surrounded by heavy, dark blue drapes, both of which could have a negative effect on the end result of the photos. Plus it was quite a small space. This was going to draw on all of my experience and training as a photographer!


The performance went for about an hour, during which time I was able to get a lot of great photographs of the performers and the guests enjoying the experince. After the concert there was a meet and greet in an adjoining room and again, conditions were not great for photography however I was able to capture lots of great photos of the guests with Jessica Mauboy. I made sure to photograph each guest with Jessica (both posed and natural) and also did a group shot of everyone.


Once the event was finished, I edited all of the photos and delivered around 200 photos to the client the next business day via dropbox. 

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