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Case Study: Overall Nutrition

Melinda from Overall Nutrition wasn’t happy with the photos she was using for her social media presence. Melinda felt that she needed something more professional that would show her personality but also be suitable to use for corporate speaking engagements and across her website and social media accounts. But most of all she wanted to look healthy and relaxed.


Like a lot of people, Melinda felt uncomfortable and self conscious in front of the camera. I discussed with her what she had in mind and what her requirements were and reassured her that this was easily achievable. On the day of the shoot, I worked with Melinda to choose the clothes that best suited her colouring and that made her feel good and we went off to take the photos. What ensued was an hour or so of fun and laughter and some very nice headshots were created.


Melinda was happy for me to choose the best photos so I chose several which showed off her naturally happy personality. I delivered a selection of headshots which were all cropped in landscape, portrait and square formats in both high and low resolution so that they could be used on the internet for her website and social media accounts and also in print for promotional material and corporate speaking engagements.

Before photo: hard light & shadows, red, watery eyes, smile feels forced and unnatural.
After: Soft, natural light. complimentary, soothing colours, relaxed and natural smile.
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